Distribute Starter Kits

A Few Other Good Ways to Distribute Vegetarian Literature

You’ve got the basic story down… Leave stacks of vegetarian brochures around town, then smile, knowing that many people will pick one up and go veg. But that’s not enough for you. You just have to help more animals. We understand! Here are a couple of ways to boost the number of brochures you’re distributing and help spread the vegan message even further.



Craigslist is among the 50 highest-trafficked websites worldwide, and many visitors head straight to the “free” section to try to score electronics, toys, and … vegetarian literature? Why not! You can post an offer for free vegetarian eating guides to your local Craigslist page, or (and this is much easier) you can use this site, which will generate a randomly-selected Craigslist page for you and will also take care of automatically mailing out the vegetarian literature to anyone who requests one from you.

Wear the message

An easy way to get active to help animals is wearing a t-shirt like this one; every animal activist should have one!You’ll pass by hundreds of people this week — why not use the opportunity to promote vegan eating? Wear a “Ask Me Why I’m Vegetarian” t-shirt for a day out on the town – just Google for many options! There’s no need to advertise a sports team or clothing company when you can be advertising compassion for animals with every step you take and every mile you drive! Every animal advocate should have one of these (or more) in their closet. Slapping a “Proud to be vegetarian” or “Ask Me Why I’m Vegetarian”) bumper sticker on your car or laptop is also a quick and easy way to promote veg eating everywhere you go.

Leave a trail of literature in your wake

In addition to leaving out stacks of vegetarian booklets in high-traffic areas, there are many opportunities to leave individual booklets for others to find. When travelling by plane, train, bus, or subway, leave a booklet behind for the next passenger to read during their trip. Always carry a few booklets with you so that you don’t miss an opportunity to spread the message of compassion for farm animals.