Take the summer outreach challenge

by Nick Cooney

May 29, 2012

The weather is warm, the days are long, and there’s no better time to get active to help farm animals. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the Compassionate Communities Summer Outreach Challenge!

Because you care about animals, we challenge you to educate 1,000 people about the cruelties of factory farming between June 1 and August 31. You can pass out leaflets, distribute vegetarian starter guides, show animal cruelty video, or mix and match!

In addition to sparing many animals a lifetime of misery, there are personal benefits to taking on this challenge. We’ll send you our “Proud Vegetarian” bumper sticker just for signing on, acknowledge your work on Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Communities website, and once you meet the goal you’ll be eligible to win free merchandise and other special prizes!

Email us now at [email protected] to take the Challenge, then read on to see what other Compassionate Communities volunteers have been doing.

Local Vegan Eating Gets Easier

Finding vegan-friendly restaurants and grocery stores just got easier in a number of cities, thanks to Compassionate Communities volunteers who have created local veg dining guides using our print or online templates!

Christin Bummer notes, “And… we’re up! I was able to put the site together after work this afternoon. Your instructions were tremendous and made it super easy…Check it out! http://www.vegpittsburgh.com

Guides have also been created for Rochester, State College (print), and New Hampshire (great work Eric Koll, Denise Goodman, and Tom Derosa). Many more guides are on the way – why not add your city to the list!

Veg Outreach Rocks Earth Day

We were blown away with the number of volunteers who distributed vegetarian starter guides and leaflets at Earth Day events across the country. Pranav Merchant, who distributed leaflets at a large festival in Los Angeles, noted “Last week’s Earth Day went quite well. A good number of people came to the table and I got to explain what Farm Sanctuary does and to hand out a good deal of fliers.”

Thanks to all who used Earth Day opportunities to reach the public with information on veg eating! Many upcoming summer festivals would also be great places to distribute this information, including pride parades, environmental festivals, arts festivals, and large concerts, so we hope you’ll stay active!  Do you need help finding events nearby where you can conduct veg outreach?  Drop us a note at [email protected] and we’ll make some recommendations.

Numbers Continue To Rise

Compassionate Communities volunteer animal activist distributes literatureGreat work! You’ve continued to reach more and more people with the cruel realities of factory farming and the benefits of eating vegan! In the past six weeks Compassionate Communities volunteers have distributed 20,000 leaflets and veg starter guides, creating dozens of new vegetarians, vegans and meat-reducers and sparing hundreds if not thousands of animals from a lifetime of suffering! New vegan social groups have also been created to support current vegetarians and vegans.

Barbara Thumann writes, “Several parents in Little Ferry waiting for their kids to get out of grammar school on Friday received [leaflets]…One guy was even reading a book by Kathy Freston (vegan) who said he was “thinking about it” – i guess which meant going vegan, perhaps your leaflet will seal the deal.”

Erika Hirsch, seen above, has been out distributing veg literature at a farmers market every other week.  Her dedication can inspire us all to adopt our own outreach routine that we can keep going all summer long!


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