Create a Local Dining Guide

Create a Local Dining Guide

A lot of times we’re so eager to tell people why they should go vegan that we forget to tell them how to do it — for example, where they can go to get delicious vegan food. A printed or online guide to local restaurants and grocery stores that carry vegan items is a great tool for spreading that information and making vegan eating even easier. You’ll be amazed at how quickly omnivores and vegetarians alike will grab a copy!

Step 1. Compile your list

Put together a list of restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and bakeries in your area that offer vegan items. The goal is to make vegan eating as easy as possible, so include restaurants that offer even one or two good vegan entrees on the menu and grocery stores that have a decent vegetarian or natural foods section. Visit to find an initial list of places in your area, and then add any additional locations you can think of. is another good resource; search for “vegetarian” in your town and see what comes up. Ask vegetarian friends for their recommendations. Be sure to include the address, phone number, hours of operation, and a few sentences about each business.

Step 2. Promote, promote, promote

Local guides won’t make much of a difference unless people are seeing them. For printed guides, there are many businesses that will let you leave guides out for their customers. We’ve had success with places like health food stores, yoga studios, coffee shops, music stores, libraries, bookstores, and veg-friendly restaurants. See our advice page for more tips on distributing printed guides. For online guides, reach out to local newspapers, local food bloggers, your local tourism center, and other online sites that may be willing to link to your guide or do a story about it. You could also post flyers at area businesses with pull-off tabs promoting the website.

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