Arkansas and New York Activists Stand Up for Farm Animals in Their States

Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Communities Campaign keeps our members up-to-date on issues where they live that pertain to farm animals.

For example, there is a new “ag-gag” bill in Arkansas – HB 1665 – that would make it illegal for anyone to expose brutal cruelty and food-safety issues on factory farms. Our Arkansas members have mobilized to pressure their state legislators to oppose this bill. Unfortunately, on Monday, the state House voted to approve it, but the fight to protect animals in the state continues. If you know any Arkansas residents, please forward this alert to them and urge them to contact their state Senators to voice their opposition to this dangerous bill.


In more positive news, our New York members are pushing to get an anti-foie-gras bill through their state’s legislature. As many animal advocates are aware, the production of foie gras is incredibly cruel. Birds, like Matisse and Monet above, are force-fed, for weeks at a time, and this produces a deformed and diseased liver that is then sold as a so-called “delicacy.” State Senate Bill S1559 would prohibit the barbaric practice of force-feeding ducks and geese. If you know anyone in New York, please forward them this alert!

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