Leafleting is one of the most effective activities you can do to help animals. Data suggest that for every couple hundred leaflets you hand out, at least one person will become vegetarian (and everyone you interact with will receive a positive message about vegetarianism). So, with just an hour of your time, you can save dozens of animals from a lifetime of factory farm cruelty! Every day people become vegetarian or vegan as a result of receiving a leaflet — you can be the one making that happen!

Step 1. Pick a location

Look for places with lots of foot traffic. Colleges are a great place to leaflet, especially public universities or colleges that have public streets running through them. Busy downtown areas near business districts, subway and train stations, shopping areas, and tourist attractions are also excellent locations because you can hand out lots of leaflets quickly. Festivals (such as pride or arts events) and concert venues, where people line up to enter the venue, are almost always good places to leaflet.

To download our guide to the best leafleting locations in the country’s top 30 cities, click here. You can also find a list of colleges in your state, along with tips for leafleting each one, by clicking here.

Step 2. Order leaflets

Click here for the literature we have available for order. For large scale, special orders please contact us at info@farmsanctuary.org. Shipping fees will apply.

Step 3. Go leaflet!

The great thing about leafleting is that it’s easy to do alone (although it’s also fun to bring a friend along), and you can do it any day of the year. Wherever you’ve decided to leaflet, find a narrow walkway with lots of foot traffic and stand in the center of it — don’t be shy! In downtown areas, this might be right by a subway stop or on a busy sidewalk. On college campuses, there’s often a path near the student center that’s great for leafleting. Look around and test a few spots out to see what works best. Be confident, be loud, and be friendly — act like you would at a party! Smile and tell your audience, “Info to help animals!” Leafleting is like riding a bicycle — it may seem scary before you start, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and then it will be loads of fun.

For more advice on effective leafleting, click through to page two by using the numbered boxes at the bottom of the page.