Distribute Starter Kits

Distribute Starter Kits

Leaving stacks of our Guide to Veg Living or other vegetarian starter kits out for the public to grab is a quick and easy way to spread the vegan message in your community or on your campus. Each magazine-style guide is packed with recipes, health tips, product recommendations, info on the factory farm cruelty, and more — everything a person needs to get started on the road to vegan eating. Spread them around your community, and don’t be surprised if you start seeing more of your neighbors in the vegetarian food section of the grocery store.

Step 1. Confirm some good locations

There are many businesses that will let you leave literature out for their customers. We’ve had success with places like health food stores, yoga studios, coffee shops, music stores, libraries, bookstores, laundromats, gyms, salons, and veg-friendly restaurants, but you may have some more good ideas, too. To find places near you, go to Google Maps and enter, for example, “Yoga Studios in Watkins Glen, NY.” Copy down the names and phone numbers of however many places you’re willing to reach out to. Then, call each one, say you’re a volunteer with a nonprofit, and ask if they’ll let you leave a small stack of vegetarian brochures at their business. Many will say yes! If there are health food stores, coffee shops, or other places you already visit on a regular basis, be sure to ask them, too!

Step 2. Order literature

For large-scale special orders, please contact us at info@farmsanctuary.org. Shipping fees will apply.

Step 3. Put out the kits, then refresh

Once you’ve received the brochures from us, it’s time to play the role of delivery driver. You can plan a nice route to hit all the places that you’re going to be leaving them with this handy route planner tool. We recommend leaving a stack of about 25 brochures in most locations; if you put too many out, they may get thrown away. After putting out your brochures, you’ll want to drive around and refresh them about once a month (more for a coffee shop or natural foods store). Because we don’t want you to get burned out, we recommend limiting yourself to 10 locations, at least for the first couple months.

For other interesting ways to distribute vegetarian information, click through to page two by using the numbered boxes at the bottom of the page.